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For many couples, divorce proceedings are traumatic and greatly exacerbate the heartache of their loss. Because the justice system is built to be adversarial, it encourages conflict and may incite anger. For the couple that wants their divorce proceedings to actually begin the healing process, mediation can be a healthy option. At Garts Law, I help clients in the Denver metropolitan area area and throughout Colorado achieve lasting and amicable settlements through the mediation process. I offer legal support that saves time, stress and expense.

Dedicated advocate guides clients through a cooperative process

Mediation allows couples to work through a non-confrontational, non-adversarial process to reach the best result for themselves and their children. In mediation, each spouse may retain an attorney or may choose to remain without counsel but together the parties themselves work to reach the best arrangement for their respective future. They address all the same concerns as those discussed during a traditional divorce, including:

  • Child custody and visitation rights
  • Child support
  • Asset distribution
  • Marital debt division
  • Sale or possession of the marital home
  • Spousal support and temporary support

However, rather than resolving conflicts in open court, the couple and their attorneys privately work in a manner that reduces stress and anxiety and moves quickly toward resolution.

Caring counselor advises on the potential benefits of mediation

The advantages of mediation are many:

  • Additional privacy — Since the agreement is worked out in private rather than in court, the frustrating arguments can be worked out in confidence and there can be much less of a public record of the parties disputes - even divorce trials to a Court are typically public trials.
  • Time savings — The mediation procession go much more quickly than one that involves remote efforts at settlement, numerous pleadings to the Court and eventually arguments before a judge.
  • Cost savings — Attorney fees can be lower because of focus on settlement which can result in a reduced time factor.
  • Less emotional turmoil — The act of dealing with your former spouse in a cooperative manner means that you do not face as much stress.

However, before deciding to finalize your case at mediation, the requirements of disclosure and complete honesty between the parties is critical.  Parties who mediate are not excluded and are certainly encouraged to have legal counsel, whether present at mediation or remote to save money and time to the parties respective lawyers.

The cooperative process is not for everyone

For mediation to succeed, an atmosphere of trust must exist. This is sometimes not possible in marriages where there has been domestic violence or emotional abuse. Such divorces bay be better suited to the adversarial process of the court.  However, even those who engage in mediation maintain their right not to agree, and to turn the disputes over to a judge for decision.  The contents of the mediation is entirely confidential, the Court will not be informed of the arguments, offers, or content of the mediation process.  The mediator is required, to maintain confidentiality for the process to be effective.

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